How To Prevent & Report Bullying

  • Publish date: Sunday، 06 June 2021
How To Prevent & Report Bullying

Bullying one of the major topics concerning students and schools. Regardless of how many awareness campaigns have already called out to stop it, it's still happening.

With that being said, it has been an issue spoken about multiple times through different platforms and so if you would like to report bullying then the UAE authorities have got you.

In their social media campaign called ‘Say No to Bullying’, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has warned that any form of bullying — whether psychological, physical, verbal or online — is a crime in the UAE.

Parents, students and teachers have been urged to report any form of bullying and other child harassments through the Child Protection Centre’s (CPC) hotline 116111 and website, or via the Hemayati smart phone application.

A team is then assigned to handle the reports of abuse immediately and take action. Therefor it is stressed by the authorities that parents should in fact have a good relationship with their kids to gain their kids trust so they can tell me whenever a bullying instance happens.

Abu Dhabi psychiatrist Rania Mohammed said bullying has a long-term impact on the child depending on the age, and this affects both the victim and the bully.

“Children, who are sometimes bullied verbally or attacked by fellow students at school, are scared to report the incident to parents or teachers,” she said.

“It becomes even dangerous when it reaches such level when parents or teachers are left unaware that a child is being bullied. The traumatic effects of bullying among children can last for a long time, thereby becoming a permanent disability.”

Image Source: Unsplash