Perfumer Awad Awad Will Change Your Perspective on Perfume

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 August 2021
Perfumer Awad Awad Will Change Your Perspective on Perfume

Perfumes are an essential part of the luxe experience that beauty fans seek, a look is not complete without a captivating perfume that captures those around you and complements your style.

A perfume can tell the type of person you are and how much effort you put into carrying yourself with elegance.

Luxury perfumes are main players in the world of elegance, which is why we were keen to have a chat with perfumer Awad Awad, the pioneering businessman in the world of luxury elegance, who started his career as a businessman upon the launch of GBI investment company in Hong Kong in the field of trade and public relations, with more than five years of experience.

Recently, his trade business expanded towards the world of luxury fashion, this expansion manifested in the launch of a luxury brand called CHISCIOTE, a prominent name in the world of luxury perfumes.

How are the fragrance components approved?

The quality and charm of a luxurious fragrance depends on the strength of its ingredients. These ingredients must be carefully sourced and extracted with the utmost care and attention. The best fragrances are based on an abundance of natural ingredients grown in ideal conditions. We at CHISCIOTE source the highest quality ingredients from all over the world, using natural elements wherever possible. When using natural ingredients is not possible, we use advanced aroma technology to introduce alternatives. Quixote perfumes are defined by a large volume of rare and precious ingredients. This allows us to create truly extraordinary intense fragrances.

How is fragrance oil made?

The precise extraction of fragrance oil from the raw ingredients is a delicate and complex process. It must be taken slowly and with great skill to allow the purest essential oils to be collected. Extraction methods vary depending on the base plant and the type of scent desired. For many plants, such as rose, a large amount of raw materials are needed to produce a very small amount of the best scented oils. Perfumes at Quixote have always sourced oils that have the purest and most concentrated scent. This allows us to produce the best perfumes.

Is there really a secret ingredient that makes the fragrance more special?

Yes, there is a secret ingredient in the perfume formula! When I say secret, I don't mean a magical ingredient or ingredient that we bring from another planet. The secret lies in the richness and rarity of this ingredient, which is difficult for others to obtain. In CHISCIOTE, we rely on some rare ouds, which I cannot disclose at the moment.

What are the criteria for mixing ingredients?

Once the oils are harvested, they are blended in perfect balance to create a multi-layered fragrance that evolves upon wear. Creating this balance is the master perfumer's job, and proportions are tested and regulated until the perfect scent is created. At CHISCIOTE, we have developed this process of developing dual scents to create an extraordinary sensory experience. They are wonderful separate, extraordinary together.

Tell us about the importance of designing luxury perfume packaging

The rule saying "a beautiful perfume deserves a beautiful bottle" cannot be compromised on this issue. At CHISCIOTE, we carefully design our packaging, every piece like our perfume. At the beginning of my career in the world of perfumes, I thought that the design and manufacture of the packaging would not take long, but in fact the design and implementation of the packaging took more than a year until we decided on the final design and the materials that we would use.

Today, I see the shape of the packaging as an important symbol of the luxury represented by the process of using a luxurious fragrance. The bottle of each of our perfumes is designed as a work of art to symbolize the individual beauty of the scent.