Saudi Arabia Tourist Visas Are Likely To Be Available By 2021

The tourist visa ban in the Kingdom is likely to continue till early next year

  • Publish date: Monday، 28 September 2020 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
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After the COVID-19 outbreak, Saudi Arabia closed its borders on March 15 impacting the tourism industry at large due to the complete travel ban. 

As Ahmed Al Khateeb told Reuters in a virtual interview “For a tourist visa, until now we are talking about early next year. If things get better or if any positive developments happen with regards to the vaccine, we might accelerate and have it earlier,”

As tourism is a key sector in contributing to the growth of the Country, Al-Khateeb mentioned that the industry will also experience a  35-45 percent decline by the end of the year. 

Due to the situation the G20 global summit will also be held virtually in November and it will also have a key focus on protecting lives and restoring growth. 

A lift on the domestic ban has allowed the country’s tourism to recover slightly and help it act as a cushion for the coming months. 

A specific date is yet to be announced on the official opening of the country’s borders in December.

Lead image courtesy of instagram/Visitsaudi

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