Snorkeling With Piranhas Has Never Sounded More Exhilarating

This brand new experience at The Green Planet should definitely be on your bucket list

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 07 October 2020 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
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This fully-immersive rainforest experience has a host of activities which caters to all ages, with a range of unique experiences the play has to offer. From the sloth encounter to getting involved with spooky arts and crafts at the haunted rainforest, the activities offered at The Green Planet are beyond endless.


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To spice up you’re 2020, you can now try this adrenaline-filled activity where you can get a close experience with 1000 red bellied Piranhas and be able to feed them with fruits and vegetables from the surface while you learn about these intriguing creatures. Prices for this experience start at Dhs309 online and Dhs350 at the gate, with the total experience of Snorkeling with Piranhas being 1 hour between 4 PM to 5 PM and with a total capacity of 4 guests per day (1 session). 

If this experience sounds extremely daunting you and you still need to muster some courage to try it out, you can experience the tropical rainforest with animals walking around you and birds flying over you. From full access to the Australian walkabout to the canopy, the professionally trained staff will guide you through the experience and ensure you have a memorable journey. 


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With Halloween just around the corner, The Green Planet throughout the month of October has been transformed into a haunted Rainforest with all of your favorite Halloween decorations, including spider webs, animal skeletons, RIP extinct animal tombstones and pumpkins. Every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm, The Green Planet After Dark where visitors can see all the nocturnals such as geckos, sloths and slow Loris’ come alive at night 

The Green Planet, City Walk, Dubai, open 10am to 6pm daily, closed Sunday. For more information contact +971 4 317 3999 or click here

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