Three Instagram Personalized Gift Shops

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 09 August 2022
Three Instagram Personalized Gift Shops

Is your friend's birthday approaching and you can't think of anything she'd like? We've selected three custom gift stores where you can customize your own friend's liking and they'll take care of the rest.

With Love Gifts

Choose a box from their account or create your own. (Prices are shown in the caption area of each post). Select a message to be written on the box. Make a deposit or full payment ( Bank transfer or AlAnsari) Delivery in two days (Mondays and Thursdays for western regions).

Menodora Gifts

Menodora Gifts stated on Instagram that they will always be able to help you pick and discover the right present for any occasion or event, and that they are always accessible to answer all of your concerns. They also offer customised gifts, so explain what you want and they will have it. Order through Instagram or WhatsApp.


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Elegant Gifts

Order the gift based on your preferences. Tell them what you want inside and what occasion it's for, and they'll handle the rest. Delivery takes two days if you purchase through their Instagram shop.

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