Top 5 Gifts & Specialty Stores in Dubai

  • Publish date: Monday، 30 May 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 08 June 2022
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Gifts are always a great way to approach people and make them feel loved, appreciated, and remembered. Here are the top gifts and specialty stores in Dubai to gift your beloved ones.

The Chain Co.

What is more beautiful than fine jewelry? This excellent shop offers a wide variety of luxurious jewelry designs that will certainly cater to your needs.

Le Chocola

Thinking of an edible gift?  Le Chocola offers the tastiest and finest chocolate in the city and can be arranged with flowers for a chic presentation.

Books Kinokuniya

This massive bookstore offers a wide range of books in multiple languages and will be the right choice to gift a bookworm!

The Watch House

Want to gift someone punctual and fashionable? This is the best place for you where you can find a special collection of watches.

Sun & Sand Sports

Sun & Sand Sports has a perfect mixture of sports fashion for both genders and different ages where you can find a perfect gift for sports lovers.

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