Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 September 2022
Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

We are grateful for all of Doha's parks since nothing quite compares to the pleasure of lounging on a picnic blanket or taking a stroll over the grass.

Make sure to visit one of these excellent parks if you want to stay active.

5/6 Park

Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

5/6 Park is unquestionably one of Doha's most impressive parks, with a plant maze in the shape of Qatar at its center. In addition to navigating the maze, which includes exits and entrances named after coastal cities and is illuminated at night, you may also use the 1.4 km running path and the 1.1 km cycling path. Never overlook the public art inside, which includes a mural by Jedariart and a creation by Qatari fine artist Faisal Al Hajri.

Near the 5/6 Arch in Onaiza.

Al Bidda Park

Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

Al Bidda Park, which is situated in the center of the city, is without a doubt one of Doha's most well-liked parks. There are plenty of activities accessible, including football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis facilities, as well as cycling and jogging routes for those wishing to get some exercise. If you want to have a (socially distant) gathering outside, you can also reserve grill stations via the app or on the website albiddapark.com. This park welcomes pets, but you must always keep your dog on a leash.

close to Doha Corniche.

Al Gharrafa Park

Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

We frequently turn to window browsing as a way to get our daily steps in while avoiding the heat during the summer. But now that Al Gharrafa Park has been established, we no longer need to visit the malls to stay cool because it has an air-conditioned track that maintains temperatures between 26 and 28 C. A 639 m bike path, two training facilities with fitness equipment, and a 657 m track are all nearby.

GPS: 25.3479722,51.4333946.

Al Rayyan Park (Green Carpet)

Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

Al Rayyan Park in Doha was already a fantastic option for those seeking for a stroll thanks to its dedicated walking and running track, but the installation of a Fitness Box has elevated this park to a new level. The new facility contains screens that broadcast brief exercise courses to the general public, allowing you to work out for nothing with a top teacher.

Aspire Park

Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

The largest park in Doha, Aspire Park is 88 hectares large and offers a variety of routes for cyclists, runners, and walkers. This neighborhood caters to active residents with the Hamad Aquatic Center, Khalifa International Stadium, a climbing wall, a skate park, and much more. It's practically required to take a snapshot or twenty of the famed Torch hotel while you're visiting this Doha park because the lake is so lovely.

Crescent Park Lusail

Top Parks to Walk Through Doha

Lusail locals adore Crescent Park, which you've probably seen on Instagram because to the park's incredibly photogenic arch that provides views of the neighborhood. People who love to kick around will want to check out the football grounds, or even the volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts. Culture vultures should come here to see the new public art pieces unveiled last year.