Dubai Municipality to Open 10km Hiking Trail in Mushrif National Park

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 June 2023
Dubai Municipality to Open 10km Hiking Trail in Mushrif National Park

The Dubai Municipality plans to open a 9.7-kilometer hiking track in Mushrif National Park Later this month.

The 8.3 km yellow leisure track and the 1.4 km orange sports course, which is the first of its kind in Dubai, are on the route. It is intended for skilled athletes with greater levels of fitness and endurance.

The trail will open to the public from June 20.

The hiking trail has directional signs, slopes, rest places, and wooden stairways and bridges that cross the cycling track.

It will operate on a one-system.

To safeguard the safety of hikers and visitors when utilising the tracks, the municipality has developed a number of rules. These include having a phone nearby in case of an emergency, bringing enough water to drink, dressing appropriately, wearing the appropriate footwear, and packing safety gear.

If they are accompanied by an adult, children between the ages of 12 and 15 are welcome to utilize the tracks.

Mushrif National Park currently has a 50km sand bike track. Hikers are asked to abide by all guidelines.

Hikers are required to follow the trail's direction and remain on the approved path.

It is not permitted to make a fire, cook, smoke, camp, or spend the night in the woods.

“The mountain track in the Mushrif National Park’s forests offers a distinctive opportunity for individuals who are fond of walking, climbing, and adventure to explore and enjoy various unique facilities,” said Ahmed Al Zarooni, director of Public Parks and Recreational Facilities Department in Dubai Municipality.

“The trail will be open and free to use all year round for visitors and hikers,” he said.

“It further consists of various sculptures, wooden stairways and bridges, slopes and rest areas, which provide a comprehensive view of the landscape and wildlife in Mushrif Park.

“To assist hikers and guarantee their safety, administrative and supervisory employees are also stationed at the track locations.”

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