What Is Bakhour?

  • Publish date: Monday، 28 June 2021
What Is Bakhour?
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Ever entered an Arab house and smelled something just simply amazing? Well, that is GCC’s traditional fragrance known as Bukhoor or incense. It is part of the Arab culture and should be burning around the house on a daily basis.

To go back in history, it has been a tradition for a very long time using rich essences and is placed in long-necked glass bottles gleaming with flecks of gold and holding deep-colored liquids that hold enough power to scent the whole area.

Arabian Incense/Bakhoor Burner (Mabkhara) -Oud Burner - Silver | Ben Harad  - Modest Fashion

The custom of burning bukhoor, or incense, is an unmissable aspect of the Arab lifestyle, more particularly, of the Emiratis. Bukhoor is, to describe it simply, a heavily-fragranced smoke that comes from burning scented pellets on a bed of live charcoal in a traditional incense burner called the makbara.

This smoke is used to fragrance the house as well as for personal effects like clothes. It is also used to scent the hair. 

Bukhoor derives from the Arabic work of Bukhar which means steam or vapor and the smoke that comes out is what makes the surrounding, the clothes, and even the hair smell good.

It is believed to lift one’s spirit and calm one’s mind as it is a continuous source of feel-goodness in your daily life.

Bukhoor smoke is, first of all, most commonly used to "cleanse" the air in Arab homes, twice or more a day.

Image Source: Al Haramain Perfumes UK