Here's Why The UAE Is Special

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 23 June 2021 Last update: Friday، 09 December 2022
Here's Why The UAE Is Special

UAE is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world. People may know UAE as Dubai and associate it with its most famous attractions, such as the Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah and more. However, we're here to tell you what makes the UAE so unique.


90% of the population in the UAE are expats

Changes to UAE visas and foreign ownership rules means more opportunities  for UK Expats - PSS Removals

The United Arab Emirates is unlike almost any other country in the world because of its incredibly high number of expats and immigrants. Dubai is one of the most diverse and international cities in the world therefore, which makes it a truly unique and diverse place to visit or live.

Existence, respect & tolerance of different cultures & religions

Celebrating Christmas in the United Arab Emirates | Coming Soon in UAE

Because of the high number of expats, Dubai has become a truly global city, with a huge number of different religious spaces, restaurants, language schools, and cultural events throughout the year. There will always be something exciting to look forward to during the weekend because of all the different cultures celebrating one holiday or another!

Its ties to culture & tradition despite its rapid modernization

Despite Dubai’s fast growth and modernization, what makes it unique is its ability to stay true to local culture, religion, and traditions. Many young Emiratis from Dubai are still aware of and practice their local traditions and cultures, and are proud to be a part of a city that both embraces change and incomers, while also staying true to its past.

Recognition of women’s rights

Women's rights in the United Arab Emirates | ICFUAE | International  Campaign For Freedom in the UAE

Although most countries around the world have much to work on when it comes to women’s rights, Dubai is unique in the region because of the local Emirati women and their power in education and the workforce. The recently created UAE Gender Balance Council will continue to ensure the equality of genders both in education and the workforce, and the future seems bright as more and more women excel in government, public sector, universities, and the sciences.

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