Why Do They Call It Salami?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 September 2021
Why Do They Call It Salami?
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Today, 7th September 2021, celebrates Salami Day, a sausage that first came from Italy, Naturally, the land of pizza!

Why did they name it Salami?

The name comes from the Italian salare meaning to make something salty.

How is it made?

The original salami was made from a mix of chopped pork and salt which was dried using air in a casing.

Why Do They Call It Salami?

Now there are many types of salamis made in some countries. Nearly all are seasoned with a combination of herbs and spices in addition to salt. Salamis are now sometimes smoked or cooked before air drying.

Why Do They Call It Salami?

Many salamis are named after the city or region where they come from. Some examples are Arles, Genoese, Hungarian, and Milano salamis.