13 Cloud Seeding Missions Resulting in Heavy Rains in the UAE

  • Publish date: Thursday، 26 January 2023
13 Cloud Seeding Missions Resulting in Heavy Rains in the UAE

All seven Emirates experienced severe rain, hail, and thunderstorms on Wednesday as the clouds opened up over the United Arab Emirates. Today's weather remained erratic, and rain is expected to last until Friday.

According to the Khaleej Times, the 13 cloud-seeding missions that have been conducted since Monday are most likely to be the reason for some of the city's floods. Regular cloud seeding operations are carried out in the UAE, and it is reported that the advancement of technology has increased rainfall by up to 25%.

Every year, the UAE records an average of 100mm of precipitation. On the other side, rainfall has been more intense in recent years. Missions to seed clouds are conducted all year round, including in the summer. Convective clouds are located by the team, and then salt flares are injected into them by particular aircraft to increase the probability of precipitation.

The NCM representative stated that ice rains can occur whenever there is a dip in temperature when asked if the hail is a typical weather pattern at this time of year. 

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