UAE Jobs and Salaries 2022 Expected to Increase

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 February 2022 Last update: Monday، 18 April 2022
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According to a new survey by global recruiting group Hays released on Tuesday, 70% are expected to hire more staff in 2022, while 74% of employers in the UAE expect salaries within their organisations to increase.

An employee’s survey showed that 43% of respondents confirmed that their salaries increased last year, mostly less than 5 per cent, while 46% of UAE workers hope their salaries will increase this year.

Not as expected, but around 42% of UAE employers don’t offer work from home options to their employees.

The survey findings revealed that 43% of companies in the UAE offer company or car allowance, 49% flexible working, 37% child education allowance and 53% life insurance.

In the Gulf region, around 43% of professionals received a pay increase in 2021, 49% of salaries remained the same.

For 2022, 73% of GCC employers anticipate salaries to increase, while 26% expect wages to remain the same in the region.

The study found that there is much optimism in the job market throughout the Gulf for 2022 as 61% of respondents feel positive about their career prospects for the next 12 months and 78% of employers are positive about the outlook for their business.