6 Best Cafes In Dubai To Enjoy Food And Coffee

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 September 2021 Last update: Sunday، 17 October 2021
6 Best Cafes In Dubai To Enjoy Food And Coffee

Few places are as popular as coffee shops all over the world, as cafes have become a hub for young people to gather for hot coffee, mint tea, and occasional sweets. Coffee alone is the second-largest commodity traded for sale in the world after oil! Therefore, it is not surprising that cafes are hugely popular among people. In fact, there are other reasons that attract people to cafes, including using the Internet services provided by the place, spending quiet time working or studying, or even enjoying the atmosphere of the place you are accustomed to. Read on to find out about the best cafes in Dubai to enjoy yourself or work: 

A guide to the 6 best cafes in Dubai 

Boston Lane 

6 Best Cafes In Dubai To Enjoy Food And Coffee

Boston Lane is an extremely popular Australian cafe in Al Quoz courtyard, and one of the best cafes in Dubai of all time, you can visit this cafe early in the morning and enjoy breakfast and order avocado with toast, a bowl of mango yogurt with homemade granola and coconut chips or enjoy lunches with choices like beef panini or chicken katsu curry, rolls and salads, or just even just have a coffee gathering with friends. You can have a refreshing time in the beautifully designed outdoor area or the no less beautiful indoor area. The green color is widespread, and the spacious space will help you relax your nerves, and the service is light and fast. 

Boston lane information :

  • Boston Lane location : 25 4 B St - Al Quoz - Dubai - United Arab Emirates 
  • Boston lane phone number : +971 54 449 2131 

Espresso Lab 

6 Best Cafes In Dubai To Enjoy Food And Coffee

Coffee diehard fans will love to try the high-quality and premium coffee drinks from Espresso Lab , which offers seasonal coffees with special flavors in addition to the regular menu. Espresso Lab prides itself on the quality of its coffee sourced exclusively from Microlot Farms that have been rated as Cup of Excellence and prides itself on working with its sources directly and testing its quality on the ground by working directly with the farmers. There is outdoor seating and indoor space, breakfasts are also available. Espresso Lab is your go-to if you are a coffee aficionado looking for a refined taste. 

Espresso Lab information :

  • Espresso Lab location : Qasr Al Hisn, Near to Mirzam - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates 
  • Espresso Lab Phone number : +971 55 100 0161 

If you were looking for the best cafes in Dubai to enjoy top tier coffee, then Espresso lab Dubai is the one for you. 

Revo Cafe 


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In Dubai, you can get your daily dose of cafat Revo Cafe either in the indoor lounge or in the outdoor lounge with beautiful views of the sparkling water. Of course, Revo Cafe offers more than only coffee, there are also refreshing natural juices and healthy food. Revo Cafe prides itself on the quality of its ingredients, from organic and locally roasted coffee to foods with the freshest ingredients. 

Revo Cafe information :

  • Revo Cafe location : The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates 
  • Revo Cafe phone number : +971 4 567 8304 

The Choco Monarch 

6 Best Cafes In Dubai To Enjoy Food And Coffee

Serving coffee and Belgian chocolate since 2017, The Choco Monarch also offers a wide selection of French desserts from crepes, waffles, pancakes, and fruit salad topped with melted chocolate, in addition to natural drinks, mocha, caramel, and more. It has locations in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. 

The choco Monarch Information:

  • The Choco Monarch location : Al Ghurair Center 2nd Level - Al Rigga Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates 
  • The Choco Monarch Phone number : +971 4 255 1183 

Cafe Society Dubai 

6 Best Cafes In Dubai To Enjoy Food And Coffee

Cafe Society Dubai is one of the finest and best restaurants in Dubai Marina where writers, artists, creatives, and poets gather for food, sweets and, of course, coffee. Cafe Society Dubai serves breakfasts such as veggies, Mexican burritos, and smoked salmon with eggs. It also offers diverse types of desserts such as melted chocolate cake, apple pie, and strawberry cheesecake. 

Cafe Society Dubai information:

  • Cafe Society Dubai location : Tamani Hotel Marina - King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates 
  • Cafe Society Dubai Phone number : +971 4 318 3755 

Lounge Cafe Italian 

6 Best Cafes In Dubai To Enjoy Food And Coffee

lounge Cafe Italian prepares Italian dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients that adhere to the origins of these dishes and original methods of preparation and serves some Arabic, Japanese and Asian dishes. the menu includes Penne with spicy cherry tomatoes, sushi, Pizza Margarita, and mouth-watering Angus black steaks, this is next to breakfast meals such as omelets, avocado with toast, and English breakfast. Lounge Cafe Italian offers special services for families or business visits which include ample space and a customized menu prepared by expert and friendly staff. 

Lounge Cafe Italian information:

  • Lounge Cafe Italian location : Ground Floor, Arenco Tower - Dubai Media City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates 
  • Lounge Cafe Italian Phone number : +971 4 453 3318 

What is your favorite cafe out of our 6 best cafes in Dubai ? if you are a foodie looking for more places, then why not take a look at our list of healthy places to eat at as well as the best burgers you can find in UAE and more on UAEMOMENTS .

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