Burj Khalifa Lights Up Celebrating Major Events Around The World

  • Publish date: Saturday، 13 March 2021
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Burj Khalifa is one of the world's modern wonders and the world’s tallest tower. It has been celebrating major events from around the world with 1.2 million lights to make up a composite image.

The tiny LED lights run down the sides of the tower’s windows, on thin plastic strips. They blend in perfectly with the facade, with everyone, even the tower’s residents, unaware the lights are there.

In numbers

Over 1.2 million ‘pixels’ — number of LED lights on the facade

828m — tower’s height, which is essentially the height of the ‘screen’

33km — length of the LED strips put together

790 kilowatts — amount of energy the LED lights can use if on full power, per hour

Over 2,000 — number of shows since installation of the new system around a year ago

Burj Khalifa is, in effect, also the world’s biggest LED screen.