Calling all Meat Lovers!

Dubai’s Hottest Smoked Meats’ Joint Has Arrived ‘CHEF EYAD’

  • Publish date: Thursday، 12 May 2022
Calling all Meat Lovers!

Dubai, 11th May 2022 – Centred around the concept of fun, food, and fire; Chef Eyad Smoked Meats Restaurant is now open on Sheikh Zayed Road, specialising in tantalizingly tender and flavoursome fall-off-the-bone meat, smoked with all-natural charcoal. The lively restaurant features dancing butchers and servers, impressive fire and knife action from the open kitchen, and lots of Instagrammable interaction for diners.

Chef Eyad became famous in his homeland for his delicious barbecue and smoked meats, cooked in his own bespoke smokers, and seasoned with a unique fusion of Levant spices and the contrasting flavours of a sumptuous Texan Barbecue. The tender and tasty cuts of USDA Prime Black Angus Beef and Local Lamb are coated in Chef Eyad’s ‘secret seasoning’ and then marinated and smoked for 8 to 12 hours depending on the cut, before the finishing fiery touches are added in the huge open kitchen. The interactive servers, who are known to regularly burst into an impromptu dabke performance, are on hand to recommend the best cuts for each guest, drizzle honey on the melt-in-the-mouth meat, advise which sauce and of course how much to order – as all the meat is sold by weight, for the true meat aficionado!

Known as ‘the King of Smoked Meats’ in his home city of Kafr Qasim, Ramallah and now across Bahrain and Turkey, Chef Eyad’s restaurants became so popular with audiences coming to watch the meat being prepared and dine on the delicious barbecue, that they only operate on a limited first come, first served basis to meet the high demand.

Now open in Dubai, with a captivating view of the Burj Khalifa, Chef Eyad’s is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near the first interchange, and has a capacity for 200 diners, with 3 separate showrooms, smoking , non-smoking and a private dining area. Enter the first-floor location via a marble staircase and be transported to a Texan grill, where the dark and moody interior is filled with leather, wood, metal grids and food photography that will have your mouth watering as you order.

Chef Eyad Opening Hours: 12 PM to late

Chef Eyad Location: https://goo.gl/maps/x13yJCpqKcq8nvJD9

Chef Eyad Reservations: Please call 043433328

Chef Eyad Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chefeyad.uae/

About Chef Eyad

Born in 1981 and raised in Kafr Qasim, Palestine, Eyad Abu Alhasan spent 20 years honing his craft as a specialist butcher with a focus on aging and smoking meat. He had a successful butchery in Kafr Qasim and would also regularly perform his skilful meat preparation and smoking as a Chef in the local markets of nearby cities, attracting a lot of attention and positive reactions from the crowd. He was soon able to expand his business with additional butcheries and his audience grew even more. Through sheer word of mouth, people would show up to the shop to watch the way he prepared the meat and served it, with some lucky customers getting a taste of the delectable cuts on the spot. Chef Eyad serves food from the oven straight to the customer, piping hot and incredibly juicy and tender. This action formed the inspiration for Chef Eyad’s tagline ‘بوس النعمة’, which translates as ‘Bless/Kiss the Food’.

As his experience and expertise grew, Chef Eyad began to take a creative approach to smoking, adding his own unique flair to the dishes we know and love. His culinary curiosity and explorations brought him to Texas – the home of barbecue and smoked meats, where he found more inspiration. It wasn’t long before Chef Eyad began experimenting with the classic approach to smoking meats, blended with his knowledge of distinctly Eastern spices and tastes. He formulated his own spice blends and added creative touches like honey – which soon became his signature flavour profile. His unique meats were a hit at many private parties and meat festivals in different regions, encouraging him to take his craft to the next level and enter the commercial culinary space. Chef Eyad has dedicated many years to training teams in the unique skill set of 24-hour smoking, as well as developing his own brand of smoker ovens and opening successful restaurants in Palestine, Turkey, Bahrain and now the UAE.

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