Discover how functionality and aesthetics unite in style with LG!

  • Publish date: Monday، 18 September 2023
Discover how functionality and aesthetics unite in style with LG!

A modern kitchen is no longer limited by mere functionality – in fact, it’s one that exhibits style, innovation, and seamless efficiency –all while blending effortlessly with your décor and enhancing your culinary experience to newer heights. 

At the forefront of redefining conventional kitchen experiences to more new-age ones, stands the LG Built-In Studio suite that exemplifies the perfect unison of advanced tech and stunning aesthetics.

The superheroes of your culinary journey: the Electric and Gas Hobs 

The LG Electric and Gas Hobs exude clever control while bringing a whirlwind of efficiency to your culinary ventures. The Electric Hob, embracing a striking ceramic glass surface, heats up swiftly and uniformly to ensure efficient cooking. Its intuitive touch controls offer effortless temperature adjustments, and timer functions that enhance your cooking experience. 

Touted for its timeless appeal, the Gas Hob instantly dispenses heat with its front-mounted mechanical control knobs and ensures precise flame intensity control with an auto-ignition feature. These hobs flaunt a four-burner design for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously with varying heat intensity. 

Built for a safer kitchen territory: The Smart Safety provisions

The Electric and Gas Hobs put safety first with several innovative features prioritizing users' well-being. The Electric Hob incorporates hot surface indicators and child safety locks, whereas the Gas Hob is equipped with a gas burner extinction detector to prevent potential leaks.

Melding style and sophistication: the Ceramic & Stainless-Steel Hobs 

The ceramic and stainless-steel designs flawlessly integrate into your kitchen aesthetics. The chic ceramic design of the electric hob is coupled with durable SCHOTT Glass and touch-sensitive controls, making for an ideal element in modern kitchens. 

On the other hand, as a frontier of classic appeal, the stainless-steel gas hob harmonizes with traditional kitchen styles.

Raise your cooking experience a notch higher with the LG 2023 Built-In Oven

Accommodating an expansive 72L space, the Built-In Oven allows you to easily prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. Making way for myriad cooking styles, it boasts convection heating, infrared radiation, and a power boost for quick heating. 

Besides the high energy efficiency class A rating, the oven also offers user-friendly features like an LED display, recessed buttons, removable oven door glass, and telescopic shelves for easy meal access. Its innovative multiple functions allow dough proofing and an Eco on function, turning your kitchen into a professional cooking zone with little effort.

Cook more, breathe fresh with the LG 2023 Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood 

The sleek T-shaped stainless steel kitchen hood ensures a fresh and pleasant cooking environment. Extracting unwanted odors and smoke with its potent filtration technology, the hood couples functionality with style. The addition of washable aluminium grease filters allows easy maintenance, augmenting your cooking experience. 

Bring this experience offered by the LG Built-In Appliance Suite home to experience culinary ingenuity!

Whether it's precision in heating with state-of-the-art hobs, masterful baking or roasting aided by a modern oven, or maintaining fresh and clean air with a top-tier kitchen hood, this suite integrates all elements to offer an elevated, easy-to-control, safe, and aesthetic kitchen upgrade. 

Upgrade today and allow your kitchen to speak the language of elegance and sophistication in every detail with LG Electronics.

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