Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer's

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 21 September 2021 Last update: Thursday، 21 September 2023
Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer's

There is nothing scarier than forgetting your loved ones slowly, the bonds that you have, the precious memories of you and your son, the face of your own daughter or son, but as it is with every disease, the earlier the detection, the easier it is to stop the marks!
so for today as the world remembers this disease, there are a couple of points to share about what causes Alzheimer's in the first place?
how to detect those early signs and possibly put a halt to that masked illness.

Early signs of dementia 

You start to forget things easier

Forgetting things frequently is not a good sign at all, while it might be a lack of general vitamins and minerals, a check-up would do more good than harm, early signs of dementia is forgetting things and repeating questions, especially shorter memories, only when it progresses does the person start forgetting very important things like their family members and important life events and dates.

Your everyday life seem harder to do

Slowly what you are used to doing every day, becomes such a hard task ahead and a difficult job to do, mundane tasks like drinking water, taking your pills, and taking out the trash, suddenly seem like a chore you cannot focus on doing.

The space and visuals around you seem different 

People with this disease have difficulty on a daily basis with visuals and imagery, calculating distance is not an easy thing, even the colors and contrasts and balance might start to be a little bit unclear which is why they start to develop issues with their daily activities, and activities such as driving a car or walking around the neighborhood.

There are many things to do that can put a halt to the progression of Alzheimer's, the most important thing is early detection, and while the world remembers this disease on 21st Sep, keep yourself and your loved ones safe, get them tested and keep them healthy.
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