How To Travel On A Budget ?

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 September 2021 Last update: Wednesday، 27 September 2023
How To Travel On A Budget ?

Living in UAE is a dream for many people around the world, but it is for sure a costly place, and recently traveling on a budget has been rising between everyone, to ease oneself, relax and enjoy the scenery, eat new foods and learn all about new cultures, being rich is not a requirement for travelling, you can enjoy yourself on a budget, and using the tips we will provide you with, you can even travel for free or very low costs! 
So are you ready to pack up and enjoy a cocktail under the blazing sun arms on watching people run across the beach? or warm yourself up as you drink something good while watching the snow fall over a beautiful heritage building?

How to travel on a low budget tips from UAE ?

Even if you have a debt or you have a very low budget, travelling is no longer a luxury for the rich, and today as we celebrate worlds' tourism day, let us give you our list of how to travel on a low budget tips from UAE to anywhere you want!

  1. Try WWOOF, you might have not heard of that term before! but it stands for World wide opportunities on organic farms, yup you have not read that wrong, it means you will get to travel to work on a farm, and they will pay for your travels and share you a room as long as you are willing to get your hands in the soil, once you sign up as a volunteer on their website you will connect to the farm hosts all across the world, your travel, accommodation and meals are things you are not going to pay for, your work is the payment! get to meet people from all countries in the world.

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  2. Share your costs, why are you paying everything on your own? today with many Apps, you can share your bills with other people, including staying at hostels instead of hotels, using public transportation or paying for a shared Taxi, and even use an app like Eat with me where you get to connect with local cooks in the area and share a meal with them.

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  3. Nothing is a limit for you! get yourself a tourist pass, and metro cards and packages, usually those have a running discount so you would be able to travel more cheaply.
  4. No money for food? no worries, why not cook it yourself? get to a local park and pay a small fee to bbq your food, then go ahead and make it yourself, its' cheaper and healthier that way, instead of wasting money on tourist restaurants that are not cheap at all, you can get the same meal but for sometimes even half the price or less when you make it yourself.
  5. Pack lightly and avoid shopping, pack all of your necessary items with you, and do not be scared to go ahead and avoid shopping at all costs, shopping while travelling on a budget might seem as a waste of money for you.

That was our answer for how to travel on a budget from UAE to anywhere in the world! celebrate worlds' tourism day and fly yourself somewhere nice this holiday, If you were looking for more familiar articles, please read more on uaemoments.

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