10 Interesting Facts About Sign Language You Should Know

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 September 2021 Last update: Friday، 23 September 2022
10 Interesting Facts About Sign Language You Should Know

There are more than 70 million people who use sign language around the world, and as the world remembers the importance of communicating together on the 23rd - Sep Today, we share with you the top 10 fun facts about sign language:

10 - It is the number 4 language in the UK

There is more than just one version of sign language, and more than 125,000 adults in the UK use the British Sign language.

9 - Different countries have got different sign languages

There is more than just one sign language, there is an English sign language and an American one, as well as regional sign languages that differ in grammar and display different accents.


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8 - Sign language grammar is different from our usual language

Sign language depends on physical movements as well and has got different grammar, for example, if you were asking a question, your eyebrow movements matter a lot, if you move your eyebrows up while asking, it means your question is a Yes or No question, if you keep them down it means it is a matter of Who, Why, Where, When and What.

7 - Sign language does not depend on signs only

Sign language depends on body movement as well as facial expressions not only hand gestures.

6 - Each person has got their own Sign language name

When you meet a deaf person and want to use Sign language you can learn how to spell their sign name using simple hand movements.

5 - The direction your hand palm is facing holds meanings to your words

Whatever direction you move your hand palm in could change the meanings behind your sentences while trying to form words using your hands and physical movements.

4 - Sign language is actually not hard to learn

A lot of people thinks that learning sign language is very difficult, but if you start learning correctly using the right methods, you would find common ground shared between the words and the movements which makes it easier to learn.

3 - I Love You in sign language is a combination of the letters I & L & Y in sign 

How romantic and sweet! just to make sign language even more fun, saying I love you in sign is actually a short-cut of initials for them

2 - If you make one hand-shape but change the movement, the meaning changes

One shape you make through your hands could hold different meanings if you move it in different directions

1 - The oldest Sign language in the world is French!

Charles Michel de l'Epp created the first sign language back in 1755 as he created a school for the deaf, as well as put rules to the first sign language ever used.
Read more familiar content on our UAEMOMENTS and do not forget to be kind to those who are deaf, sometimes losing something means gaining something even better, after all, Beethoven was deaf but still made it as a legendary musician!

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