Pope Francis Cancels Trip to COP28 Due to Health Issues

Pope Francis' Health Concerns Force Cancellation of Planned Appearance at COP28 UN Climate Talks in Expo City Dubai.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 29 November 2023
Pope Francis Cancels Trip to COP28 Due to Health Issues

Pope Francis will not attend the COP28 UN climate conference in Dubai as scheduled due to health issues, the Vatican disclosed on Tuesday. This marks the second cancellation of a foreign trip owing to the pope's health.

Health Issues Prompt Cancellation

The Vatican clarified that the cancellation of his address at COP28 is a result of doctors' advice, despite the Pope's recovery from flu and lung inflammation. Earlier in the year, the pope had to delay a visit to Congo and South Sudan due to knee inflammation, although he managed to make the trip afterward.

Health Updates and Cancellation

Despite expressing intentions to proceed to COP28 and address the climate change conference, the Pope disclosed on Sunday his ongoing battle with lung inflammation. Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni confirmed the Pope's improvement from the flu and respiratory. However, following medical advice, the pope agreed to cancel his upcoming trip to COP28.

Bruni stated, "Pope Francis accepted the doctors' recommendation with deep regret, leading to the cancellation of the planned trip to Dubai."

At almost 87 years old, Pope Francis underwent lung surgery during his youth, adding to his vulnerability to respiratory issues.