Do You Really Know The Origin of KOSHARI?

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 May 2021 Last update: Sunday، 20 November 2022

 “Koshari” (الكشري) dish has been deeply associated with Egyptian cuisine. Right? Well, it is time to correct this.

Despite the fact that you will come across at least one Koshari kiosk around every corner in bustling Cairo, the truth is that Koshari originated in India, not Egypt.

For those who have not sampled this amazing dish, Koshari, also spelled koshary or kushari it is a carbohydrate rich dish that is guaranteed to appease your taste buds. A mixture of pasta, rice, chickpeas and lentils. An amazing dish for vegetarians and vegans as well. 

This signature dish was introduced to Egypt through the British colonialism of Egypt possibly during World War II.

The name "Koshari" comes from the Indian word "khichri" which incidently refers to a dish of rice and lentils. And because many Italians lived in Egypt at the time, they added the pasta.

Of course, Egyptians added their touch by adding fried onions, "Daqqa" (vinegar and garlic sauce), tomato sauce, and spicy sauce, making it the "Koshari" we know today! 

Now that you know, make sure your sample "Koshari" on your next trip to Egypt. Koshari is the street food of Egypt.

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