Public Transport Apps in Dubai

  • Publish date: Sunday، 10 October 2021 Last update: Friday، 28 January 2022
Public Transport Apps in Dubai

Having a car is a must today because it gives individuals the opportunity to have personal control and autonomy. Although, it is easier to travel from one place to another, especially in countries that struggle with the lack of transportation options. People who don’t own a car in Dubai are lucky since it has one of the world’s best public transport networks, so getting around the city is easy. In addition, people can easily order a car from many useful public transport apps in Dubai that make getting around smoother and cost-effective for both visitors and residents. Find out more about the various apps for public transport in Dubai to order a car through it.   

Top Public Transport Apps in Dubai 

Careem Dubai 


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Careem is one of the most famous applications that helps commuters find cars for hire in Dubai, and you can easily order a ride from any place in Dubai. Careem app allows you to see the estimated price for your ride before you book, and you can add multi drop-offs while making a booking from the web. To book a car from Careem taxi app, you should: 

  • Download Careem Dubai App.  

  • create an account.   

  • Select the ‘Car’ on the app homepage. 

  • Enter and confirm your drop-off and pickup locations. 

  • You can tap on ‘+ details' next to the address to give your Captain any extra info about your pickup. 

  • Select your desired car type. 

  • Choose your preferred payment method. 

  • Check the fare estimate, tap on ‘Yalla!’ and you’re ready to go!   

  • If you need to book a LATER ride, tap on the calendar/clock icon next to the ’Yalla!’ button and select your desired date and time to confirm your ride. 

Uber UAE 


The next option is Uber application, one of the most famous ride-hailing services apps in Dubai, where you can get a ride in minutes. Uber app UAE has a wide range of ride types, and it allows splitting of ride fares with the ‘ride sharing’ option, and it’s readily available at Dubai International Airport. How to book a ride in Uber UAE: 

  • Download the Uber UAE. 

  • Create an account.  

  • Select the car type. 

  • Enter and confirm your drop-off and pickup locations. 

  • Choose your preferred payment method. 

  • Meet your driver.  


Through S’HAIL you have many options for car booking where you can book an RTA taxi, RTA limousine, Careem, or Uber. Note that S’HAIL is not only a ride-hailing app, yet it has all the needed information about tram Dubai, Dubai Metro, and RTA busses.  

Hala “Dubai Taxi” 


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If you prefer to commute from one place to another at a standard fare, you must use Hala taxi, which is also known as Dubai taxi. You can book a Hala taxi via the Careem app with the benefit of viewing fare estimates upfront. How to book a Hala taxi via Careem App: 

  • Download the Careem app and create an account    

  • In the choice of ride section in the Careem app, Select “Hala Taxi”. 

  • Select the pickup location. If it’s your current location, you can click on ‘Confirm pickup’ to send it to the driver through GPS.  

  • Choose your drop-off destination.  

  • Choose the car type from the list. You can either choose Hala Taxi (Dubai Taxi) or Hala Van (Dubai Van).  

  • Choose your preferred payment method.  

  • Tap on “Yallah” and track the arrival of the captain. The app will provide you with the details about the captain coming to pick you up.   

RTA Dubai App  

Taxi Dubai

RTA Dubai App includes more than 40 services and features specially designed to support you as a driver and passenger across service centers, metro and bus stations, parking, and more. You can also book a taxi through the app by following these steps: 

  • Download RTA Dubai application. 

  • Select public transportation option.  

  • Choose Taxi.  

  • Press on “Book a Vehicle” option 



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DTC (Dubai Taxi Corporation) has an application that allows people to reserve taxis and limousines, with the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s Control Center and the Reservation and Distribution Center at the Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority. 
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