How to Travel to Dubai on a Budget!

  • Publish date: Sunday، 23 May 2021
How to Travel to Dubai on a Budget!

Dubai is no doubt one of the most popular cities to visit, it is known for its luxurious hotels, world’s best shopping malls and gourmet dining spots. It is an example of how modernisation can live side by side with its tradition and heritage intact.

Whether you are visiting from another country or even another city in UAE, here are some ways to enjoy a trip to Dubai on a Budget!

  • Plane Tickets

How to Travel to Dubai on a Budget!

If you are visiting from another country to get the best cost friendly air ticket you should book your ticket to Dubai advanced when special sales go on any airline website. As Dubai is a really popular destination, many airlines from fly there. Full-service airlines like Emirates, Etihad airways along with budget airlines like Fly Dubai, Indigo, SpiceJet fly from the major metro cities in India to Dubai.

  • Hotel

​​​​​​​How to Travel to Dubai on a Budget!

You can find much cheaper accommodation according to your budget. Here is some of the hotels that you can check in as to enjoy you would not necessarily need to enjoy a staycation at Burj Al Arab for example.

  • Timing

How to Travel to Dubai on a Budget!

When deciding to visit Dubai you need to know that the time of your travel also plays a crucial part when you are traveling on a budget. You should must avoid the time when Dubai experiences the maximum tourist traffic because during this time, companies related with travel raise their price for maximum profit. Then the best time to travel to Dubai on a budget is the hot summer months and Holy month of Ramadan.

  • Transportation

How to Travel to Dubai on a Budget!

Transportation in Dubai is crucial as you will need to go from one destination to another. However, transportation in Dubai is crucial as getting a cab can be expensive, an alternative method is the public transportation system in Dubai is really well maintained. So, as a budget traveler one should must consider this way of travel as it is easily available there. If you intend to travel around Dubai with public transport then you should must get an RTA NOL card. The best two options for tourists are to get a red card or a silver card. The red card will cost you 6 AED and the Silver card will be 25 AED.  A taxi ride may cost you 12 AED no matter how short the distance is.

Do not forget to check out the different offers on food, beverages and even entertainment!

Image Source: Unsplash, Visit Dubai Instagram

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