Review: 'Lovely Runner' is a Treat for K-Drama Fans!

The K-drama is the fluffiest and most heart-warming romantic series of 2024!

  • Publish date: Saturday، 01 June 2024
Review: 'Lovely Runner' is a Treat for K-Drama Fans!

Netizens have been raving about the romantic K-dramas, the ‘Lovely Runner’! The series featured the fluffiest and heart-fluttering romance between the main leads Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol, which fans can only swoon over!

Im Sol is a die-hard fan of the pop idol Ryu Sun Jae, so she is left devastated when she hears about his death. However, when she travels back in time to 2008, she uses the opportunity to do everything she can to save her favorite idol.

Review: 'Lovely Runner' is a Treat for K-Drama Fans!

The Romance

This K-drama definitely got the romance right! The couple share various cute moments, so there is a lot of space for developing their relationship despite the strain of time and fate. Ryu Sun Jae teaches Im Sol how to ride a bike, their first meeting in the rain, and they share a beautiful moment under the cherry blossoms, which makes one gush at their cuteness!

Review: 'Lovely Runner' is a Treat for K-Drama Fans!

Directors Yoon Jong Ho and Kim Tae Yeop and writer Lee Shi-Eun have done justice to the drama with the development of the romance because you get the funny, the emotional and everything in between, which leaves the viewers very entertained and satisfied. In its premiere week, ‘Lovely Runner’ ranked number one in viewership ratings in more than 130 countries on Viki.

The actor who plays Ryu Sun Jae, Byeon Woo Seok last played the villain in ‘Strong Girl Nam-Soon’, so this character was a complete 180-degree shift and man does Byeon deliver!

Although, he starts by showing Im Sol indifference and annoyance when they first meet in the past, but he soon shows his soft side and Ryu Sun Jae is a green forest! He is ready to be with Im Sol despite realizing the fact that he could die because of her. He tells her, “Stop running away from me. Just pursue your feelings for me. If I end up dying to save you, I’ll be fine with that.”

Now who wouldn’t want that in a guy?

Review: 'Lovely Runner' is a Treat for K-Drama Fans!

Byeon is great at romance, especially with portraying strong emotions. From love to heartbreak, he can do it all and do it right! He also has the perfect comic timing for the comic moments, which makes his reactions funny and relatable!

Kim Hye Yoon complements Byeon’s acting perfectly with her portrayal of Im Sol’s silly, cute, caring and emotional traits and you completely get her! Im Sol is willing to do anything for Ryu Sun Jae and she goes out of her way to do so, which makes her a loveable main lead and someone you are constantly rooting for!

Review: 'Lovely Runner' is a Treat for K-Drama Fans!

Time Travel

Despite ‘Lovely Runner’ delivering its best with the main couple and their romance, its time travel plot could have been better crafted. As a viewer, you understand the reason why there are so many time jumps Im Sol is desperately trying to make things right. However, there are no set and definite rules to time travel, especially the effects it will have on the future because in some aspects, the effect is immense while in others respects, it is not so much.

There is also no backstory to the watch that helps Im Sol with time travelling and in the end, her grandmother just throws away the watch to end the cycle. More details were needed to expand on these instances to make the time travel plot more authentic.

The Supporting Cast of 'Lovely Runner'

Unlike some K-dramas, the supporting cast was not given much space in ‘Lovely Runner’. The second romantic couple was Im Sol’s brother and her friend, but I feel like the writer and directors could have done more with this subplot. Same with Im Sol’s mother and Ryu Sun Jae’s father’s subplot; there was way more that could have been done with those characters, but they are just reduced to quarrelling parents.

Review: 'Lovely Runner' is a Treat for K-Drama Fans!

Most importantly, the creators could have done more with the second lead Kim Tae Sung (played by Song Geon Hee). He was definitely very charming and cool, so why couldn’t there be more to his story? The space given to the romance was more than welcome, but it took away from the subplots of the supporting cast in the story, so the creators should have strived to create a more well-balanced plot.

Nevertheless, ‘Lovely Runner’ is a treat for the eyes with its heartwarming romance and beautiful lead couple! If you haven't watched it yet, check it out soon!

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