Sharjah Ruler Calls On Young Students To Consider These Degrees

  • Publish date: Sunday، 29 August 2021
Sharjah Ruler Calls On Young Students To Consider These Degrees

During a call to a phone-in show on Sharjah Radio, Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Sharjah's Ruler urged young people to consider degrees in engineering and medicine to fill job market gaps.

He said students and particularly those with fully-funded government scholarships, must pursue qualifications that "benefit the community instead of wasting their effort".

Even if the government has committed to paying for students studies, High Highness said "The university should not accept any PhD student who does not commit to the fundamentals and rules of proper documenting during his research," .

Sheikh Dr Sultan, who founded the American University of Sharjah and University of Sharjah, said We have noticed that students have been accepted in higher education majors that the community is not in need of," said Sheikh Dr Sultan.

"We have a problem with the list, which is that a great number of students are seeking scholarships to study law," said Sheikh Dr Sultan.

"The law sector in this country does not need all these numbers and students must chose different areas of study that the community needs."

"We need to focus on majors in medicine and engineering, where we will find inventors and creative people," he said.

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