All About the Updated "University Certificates Recognition" System

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 June 2023
All About the Updated "University Certificates Recognition" System

A new system that will take the place of the "university qualification equivalency" scheme for degrees granted by international higher education institutions (HEIs) has been announced by the UAE's Ministry of Education. The new system accepts certificates from universities issued outside the United Arab Emirates.

The "University Certificates Recognition" system, an updated system, will eliminate conditions like the requirement for attesting degree certificates and allow degree certificates that can be obtained online.  The way individuals apply for jobs or continue their education in the UAE will be significantly impacted by the new system.

Degrees from international higher education institutions (HEIs) are covered by the provision, allowing individuals to continue their studies or apply for jobs in the UAE.

With the aim of giving students greater flexibility in their academic and professional initiatives, streamlining the recognition process to be quick and easy, and ensuring efficiency across all of its services, the Ministry enhanced the previous University Qualification Equivalency system.

The Ministry said, “Obtaining certificates entirely through distance learning (or e-learning) is also now permitted. All programs are subject to these updates, except certificates related to specialized professions like engineering, medicine, and law.” 

“In other words, the lower the rank of the HEI, the more conditions and requirements are applied to attain recognition. For example, for universities ranked from 1-200, it is enough to verify the validity of the certificate, and no other criteria or conditions are required for recognition, excluding certificates related to specialized professions.”

A lot of the requirements and criteria that were part of the previous system have been eliminated.  

These include the necessity to attest previous degrees and adhere to a minimum physical presence requirement of 30 days for master's graduates and 168 days for bachelor's graduates. The credit transfer and remote learning credit caps were also removed, along with other standards and requirements.

Once the authenticity has been confirmed and the institution has been certified if it is ranked 601 or higher, certificates for certain specializations that were granted by foreign HEIs are now automatically recognized under the new system without any further conditions or requirements. This improves how effective the entire recognition processes are.

The Ministry keeps working with its partners to increase productivity and adaptability and offer a seamless client experience.

With the support of these initiatives, students will be given the resources they need to succeed in the job market and sustain themselves.

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