Skills-Based Hiring: Dispelling Common Myths

  • Publish date: Monday، 13 June 2022
Skills-Based Hiring: Dispelling Common Myths

If you are searching for a job, then you must have heard about skills-based hiring which involves the applicants, regardless of academic degrees, demonstrating that they possess the skills required to succeed in the advertised job that clearly includes all of the job expectations.

The difference between skill-based hiring and pre-employment testing is that it is not the employer who tests the candidate, but rather a third party who submits the scores to the employer as part of the application process.

Being an unusual method of hiring, you hear many myths about the effectiveness of this practice, so here are the most common myths about skill-based hiring to dispel.

  1. Skills-based Hiring Is Unfair

On the contrary, skill-based hiring may sometimes be more equitable to recent university graduates since they do not have any professional experience but may possess the skills to fill the vacancy, in this way these graduates are given a greater chance of being hired. In addition, this hiring strategy may give those who do not have degrees but do have the necessary skills ample opportunities to fill office jobs instead of going into crafts, and that’s fair enough!

  1. Skills-Based Hiring Hurts Business

Contrary to what is common, skill-based hiring allows for better screening of candidates and thus increases the ability to predict the future of business and the rate of productivity. According to some employers, in many cases, the productivity of employees who don’t hold higher academic degrees was higher than their peers holding degrees and those having professional experiences, therefore if the skills-based hiring approach is followed correctly, it will bring many benefits to the working establishment.

  1. Skills-based Hiring Faces Geographic Barriers

Now, employers can search for employees on a very large scale, thanks to the newly developed technologies for remote work, thus they can conduct examinations of candidates with the necessary competencies from different countries of the world and attract qualified talent without being restricted to the place of residence and other obstacles.

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