How to Avoid Getting Hacked With A Strong Password

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 May 2021
How to Avoid Getting Hacked With A Strong Password

Recently, many news about hacking incidents in the UAE have been circulated.

Creating a strong password that could prevent hackers from hacking your social media accounts can be hard and confusing. Remembering the password created can be even harder. So how could you create a password that could prevent you from any hacking occurrences.

The equation is simple, do not make it fully unique to be able to easily remember it, but rather construct a strong semi unique password to be easily remembered. Here are some tips to create a semi-unique password.

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  • Refrain from using a word found in a dictionary!

Hackers can firstly try common password combinations (e.g., password01, Password123, Password1! etc.). And even if an account is locked after 6 or 7 attempts, it still provides a significant opportunity to crack passwords across multiple corporate accounts.

And if there is no account lockout, why not upload an entire “dictionary” of words & phrases that we know are commonly used – hundreds of thousands of entries contained in a text file.

  • Use a memorable quote, phrase or even a song

Take the first letter of each word from your favorite song or quote, example; “Life has no limitation, except the ones you make” and so your password would be, LHNLETOYM.

This will not make sense to the hacker and cannot be found in the dictionary; it can also be easily remembered as it is somehow related to you!

  • Lower & uppercase letter are crucial

You could mix between the two techniques of first letters of your favorite phrase or song with having one letter to be upper case and the following to be of lower case for extra protection.

  • Add numbers!

When we say add numbers, refrain from using your birth date as it is, you could reverse your year of birth put it either at the start or the end of the password, you could also make it more unique and memorable through combing all three techniques.

Using all of these techniques does not only make a password easy to remember but also hard for a hacker to reach and guess! Cyber attacks have been common so it is your job to prevent them and our job to guide you!

Image Source: Unsplash