Remote Nations! Working from Home to Be the Most Common Working Model

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 July 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 05 July 2022
Remote Nations! Working from Home to Be the Most Common Working Model

Working from the office may become extinct soon, just like what happened with the dinosaurs, as a result of the radical changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic that lasted from 2019 until today and perhaps forever!

To find out the extent of the continuing impact of the pandemic on the work systems followed in companies, a survey was conducted in New York of 25,000 people in the spring of 2022 on the flexibility of their current job, whether it is part-time work in the office or completely remotely.

Nearly 58% of them say they are able to work from home at least one day a week, another 35% work from home all week, while only 13% said they can work remotely but chose not to.

Employees’ Preferences and Managers' Decisions

The ability to work remotely is an opportunity offered by almost every business sector, however, 41% of survey respondents said they had no choice in whether or not they worked remotely.

The survey also revealed that if companies offered the option to work from home, 87% of respondents would accept it. This was regardless of demographics, occupations, and geography.

Moreover, some people quit their jobs due to having to go back to the office. The survey found a flexible work arrangement as the third most common reason to start looking for work or leave a job during the pandemic, while other major reasons included the desire for more pay or better working hours and better job opportunities.

Despite the eagerness to work from home, the survey indicated that people face more hurdles in working effectively; some of these barriers include, for example, having to manage children at the same time.

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