Trending: What is WhatsApp Business?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 30 March 2021
Trending: What is WhatsApp Business?
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A lot of us aren’t familiar with WhatsApp Business, including me. Have you always wondered how brands have an automated reply on WhatsApp? Apparently, they don’t use a very complicated software that’s private to businesses, but rather WhatsApp Business.

Trending: What is WhatsApp Business?

So, what is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is one of the best interaction apps for businesses as most people are users of WhatsApp.

The app provides tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages but you can still use it to do everything that you're used to doing, from messaging to sending photos.

Just like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is free to download app available on Android and iPhone, however, it was built with the small business owner in mind.

Trending: What is WhatsApp Business?

Some of the features we currently offer in the app include:

  • Business profile to list important information, such as a company's address, email and website.
  • Labels to organize and easily find your chats and messages.
  • Messaging tools to quickly respond to customers.

Image Source: WhatsApp Website