WhatsApp To Release A New Disappearing Messages Feature

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 December 2021
WhatsApp To Release A New Disappearing Messages Feature

Whatsapp owned by Facebook now transformed Meta announced a new pack of updates to compile with their privacy standards, Giving users the following options:

Whatsapp new update for disappearing messages

  • Disappearing messages is now a feature
  • Whatsapp is giving users the option for their messages to disappear after 24 hours or 90 days, as well as the original 7 days period they previously introduced last year.
  • The message is still there if someone forwarded it or gave it a screenshot before it got removed so that is not valid.

This new update came as an urgent call for more privacy to Whatsapp users as chief executive Mark Zuckerberg added, “Not all messages need to stick around forever.”

Whatsapp had previously launched end-to-end encryption as well to increase the security of its users.

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