Two Breathtaking Performances Come to Global Village

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 20 October 2021
Two Breathtaking Performances Come to Global Village
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Global Village, has announced two electrifying international shows as part of a jam-packed entertainment calendar in Season 26.

From end of October and throughout November, the percussion group, AAINJAA from Bogotá, Colombia will perform special acts. In December, Swing Latino will explode onto the Main stage with vibrant performances displaying complex stagecraft skills and breathtaking creativity.


Adding to the renowned street atmosphere of Global Village, the AAINJAA percussion group will perform from 29 October to 25 November, 2021.

The band’s name roughly translates into English as “to do, to elaborate, to manufacture, and to build.”

Two Breathtaking Performances Come to Global Village

These brilliant performers bring talent and fun to an exuberant show, starring 30 artists dancing their way through the streets of Global Village. AAINJAA uses a large range of different types of percussion including Cajas, Surdos, Repiniques, Brillos and Dobras.

Swing Latino

Swing Latino is a Columbian Salsa dance sensation, who made history in their performance behind superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira during the 2019 Super Bowl show.

Two Breathtaking Performances Come to Global Village

Swing Latino will dazzle the senses during its three-week run at Global Village from 7 to 31 December, 2021. Guests will be amazed by the caleño dance style comprising of gravity-defying routines and captivating dance moves.

Their performances across the globe included being named 1st runner up in the World of Dance show, which in turn enabled them to perform on multiple occasions with international superstar Jennifer Lopez.

Two Breathtaking Performances Come to Global Village

Guests to Season 26 can experience these incredible shows with their Global Village entry ticket. More updates will follow as Global Village gets ready to welcome guests on October 26 2021.