When Does Global Village 2023 Dubai Open?

Dates, Timings, Tickets, Location for the 28th edition of Global Village 2023

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 08 August 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 25 October 2023
When Does Global Village 2023 Dubai Open?

The Global Village, a renowned yearly festival of cultures in Dubai, has announced its return for the 28th season on Wednesday, October 18th, a week earlier than usual.

After the end of the 27th season, Global Village tweeted, "We're not just waving goodbye, It's just for some time and we promise to bring you even more in season 28."

When Does Global Village 2023 Dubai Open?

When did the Global Village open in 2022?

The 27th season kicked off on October 25th, 2022. This means that visitors this season will have an extra week to shop and check out the entertainment spots, food stalls, and attractions. 

How long does the Global Village season last?

When summer ends and the weather cools off, Global Village opens for a season that lasts about six months that ends in April. 

Global Village Dubai will remain open until April 28th, 2024.

What to expect from the Global Village?

Guests can discover pavilions representing various nations, savor global cuisine, witness live shows, and have fun on carnival rides and games.

Twenty-seven pavilions representing more than 90 cultures were on display at the park during its 27th season. Each pavilion offers its own traditional shows. More than 250 restaurants served cuisine from all around the world, and 175 rides, skill games, arcade games, and entertainment attractions were available during Carnaval.

When Does Global Village 2023 Dubai Open?

Visitors had a number of fun attractions to visit including House of Fear which is said to be the region's scariest haunted house experience. 

Also, there was Digger's Lab for the little ones, and the whole family was entertained by the fun exhibits at Ripley's Believe It or Not!, which has six unique galleries, showcasing a diverse collection of rare real life exhibits and hands-on interactive experiences. Guests had the opportunity to discover over 250 rare artefacts, unbelievable exhibits, wax figures of strange, unusual and historical people, and interactive games. They had the change to see hard to believe yet true exhibits of ancient prison punishment. 

When Does Global Village 2023 Dubai Open?

Moreover, Global Village introduced a new venue called 'Road of Asia' which allows Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, and many more to represent themselves.

When Does Global Village 2023 Dubai Open?

A number of cool performers including Tinie Tempah, Raye and Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance performed at the Global Village last season. 

However, at the moment, we haven't been informed of the new attractions opening in season 28, but we are keeping our eye on any updates.

How many guests does the Global Village attract?

Global Village receives millions of visitors from all around the globe who check out the park's vibrant atmosphere, captivating shows, delectable cuisines, and unique shopping opportunities.

The theme park has succeeded in attracting a record 9 million visitors from around the world last season.

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