Why is Bassem Youssef Going Viral For His Interview With Piers Morgan?

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 18 October 2023
Why is Bassem Youssef Going Viral For His Interview With Piers Morgan?

In an interview with British TV host Piers Morgan, Egyptian comedian and host Bassem Youssef shared his viewpoint with dark humor on the suffering of Palestinians in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict that quickly went viral on social media.

Youssef began the 26-minute talk by noting wittily that, like host Piers Morgan, he "also" got his news "second hand," but through his wife's family in Gaza.

Youssef continued, "Those Palestinians are really dramatic. Israel killing us, but they never die. I mean, they always come back. They’re very difficult to kill, very difficult people to kill. I know, because I’m married to one. I tried many times. I try to get to her every time, but she uses our kids as human shields.”

Youssef used additional sarcasm to address the dehumanization of Palestinian citizens, saying, "If you have already decided someone is good, he can do no evil… killing them is good… it is not like something new.”

After drawing parallels with the historical treatment of indigenous people by Western countries, he further added, “They’re savages, kill all the savages and when they are almost extinct you start feeling sorry for them like animals. So, maybe the solution is we kill as many Palestinians as possible so the few of them who remain do not bother you.”

Watch the full interview here:


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