Lucky Dubai Shopper Secures One Million Dirhams Win

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 February 2024
Lucky Dubai Shopper Secures One Million Dirhams Win

A Dubai resident, Bassem El Tibi, aged 50, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, received an unexpected windfall after winning Dh1 million in the Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) malls' 'Biggest Prize of the Year' draw during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Breaking from tradition, MAF awarded the grand prize in cash rather than Share Reward points, marking the first time such a reward was given this way.

Wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, a jubilant Bassem, originally from Lebanon and a British citizen, happily accepted a symbolic Dh1 million cheque from MAF.

Bassem, who works in Abu Dhabi, plans to be prudent with the substantial prize money, expressing intentions to invest in property and support the people in Palestine. “I will invest the money – partially – to buy a property and the rest will go to my brothers and sisters in Palestine.”

Despite not recalling the specific purchases that contributed to his win, Bassem, the director of special projects and governance, emphasized his regular practice of scanning receipts to qualify for draws.

The millionaire campaign ran during the Dubai Shopping Festival from December 8th to January 14th, with the prize co-invested by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism.

Initially skeptical when MAF contacted him, Bassem eventually believed he won after a follow-up call. He expressed gratitude and positivity and wished fellow shoppers luck in future draws, attributing his fortune to his upbeat outlook and plans for the newfound wealth.