Your Tarot Card of the Day: December 14th, 2023

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 13 December 2023
Your Tarot Card of the Day: December 14th, 2023

12.14.23 Six of Coins: This suit, most often named "Coins" or "Pentacles", is a symbol for a magical talisman that represents wealth or potential. 

Your Tarot Card of the Day: December 14th, 2023

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This suit represents something supportive that is available to you -- whether it be health, some talent, material or financial resources.

The Six of this suit is the card of patronage -- generosity with strings attached. 

The picture shows a rich man giving alms, his reputation enhanced from his giving, but without having helped anybody better than him or herself. 

Sometimes, there is an inference that the giver will be expecting something back for his giving.

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Sometimes, this card is interpreted as referring to a patron or benefactor who rescues a talented person from oblivion but then wants to dictate what the artist works on as his fame grows.

Inequality of power is generally a factor in this card, and the person being helped needs to be careful not to trade off heart and soul for a shortcut to fame or fortune.

Each player in this scenario needs to examine the possibility he or she is taking in an unbalanced power struggle.

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