5 Upcoming Concerts To Attend At Expo

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 March 2022
5 Upcoming Concerts To Attend At Expo

EXPO 2020 is sadly in its last month. However, music lovers will not be disappointed with the worlds fair continues to bring international stars from all over the world to perform, with many more concerts occurring here are 5 superstar concerts to attend before it ends, from Arabic pop to electronic music behold the top 5!

1- Hussain Al Jasmi

One of the GCC’s most famous singers, Hussain Al Jasmi has a 20-year long career with countless hits across the world such as Boushret Kheir.

Venue: Al Wasl Stage

Date: Wednesday, March 9

Time: 7.30pm

2- Jalsat Majid Al Mohandis & Aseel Al Hameem

Iraqi singer Aseel Hameem took over the GCC in 2019 with her single Al Mafrood, she has also charted on Saudi Arabia’s Spotify chart. 

Majid Al Mohandis, An Iraqi-Saudi singer who is popular with all generations with his soft silky voice. Among his most popular songs are Bayni W Baynak, Tenadeek, and Aatshan.

The two singers are teaming up at Expo’s Jalsat Nights

Venue: Jubilee Stage

Date: Tuesday, March 15

Time: 8.30pm

3- Marshmello

One of the leading DJs in electronic music with endless hits on Billboards 100 such as FRIENDS and HAPPIER. This International superstar has many collaborations with A-list singers.

Venue: Jubilee Stage

Date: Thursday, March 10

Time: 8.30pm

4- Googoosh

Faegheh Atashin, known as Googoosh, is one of Iran’s most popular entertainers. Googoosh has been an entertainer for over 60 years. She is a cultural icon in Iran and across the GCC.

Venue: Jubilee Stage

Date: Thursday, March 17

Time: 8.30pm

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