Best Dubai Foodies You Need to Follow Now

  • Publish date: Thursday، 19 August 2021 Last update: Sunday، 12 September 2021
Best Dubai Foodies You Need to Follow Now

Dubai has a bustling social scene and food is at the heart of it. Going around Dubai’s restaurants is a culinary adventure. If you need inspiration for the hottest restaurants to places serving authentic food, here is a list of Dubai foodies you need to follow now.

  • Kim & Den (@wheremyfoodat)

Award-winning food bloggers, this couple shares their love of food and adventures with 82.8K Instagram followers. Famous food magazines have given them recognition. The two most notable are the Food Blog of the Year Award from BBC Good Food in 2016 and the Cosmopolitan Food Influencer Award in 2018.

  • Sana

She combines her love of food and travel, and her loyal 101K Instagram followers love her for it. She has a personal blog as well as writes for international websites.

  • Zahra Abdalla

She is a writer, and the founder of Wild Spatula, sharing homemade recipes and culinary tips with her 192K followers. Her style combines traditional and modern Middle Eastern food.

  • Yousif Mohammed

With delicious food, hotel stays, and the best of the city, it is no surprise he has 307K Instagram followers. He is regularly seen in hotels, resorts, and restaurants sharing his latest food finds and vacation stays. 

  • Naomi D'Souza Jacob

She has many qualifications! She is a design and strategy consultant at IBM, but her love of food and desserts is what her 95.2K followers know her for. She shares her culinary adventures on Instagram and her personal blog.

  • Samantha Wood (@foodiva)

She is a blogger, an event organizer, and a well-known consultant in the UAE culinary scene and publishes under, Foodiva. With over 30.1K Instagram followers, she features dishes from diverse cultures.

  • Lavina Israni 

She is a lifestyle and food blogger with 88.1K followers. She publishes a weekly vlog and constantly features sumptuous treats and dishes.

  • Sally Prosser (@mycustardpie)

“Behind all good food, there’s a great story” is a motto Sally Prosser stands by, and 27.5K Instagram followers agree. She is also known for her tips on healthy food.

  • cooking with ralph

Ralph is one of the food critics in Dubai and believes that eating food is a spiritual experience. He reviews food and restaurants while sharing recipes on his own blog. He has 22K Instagram followers.

  • Durjoy Datta

He is an Indian novelist and blogger based in Dubai. With over 507K followers, he has a particular love for East Asian food. 

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