Discover Entertainment On-The-Go with LG StanbyME Go

Find the versatility, innovation, and immersive experience redefined as LG brings LG StanbyME Go, no matter where you are.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 29 November 2023
Discover Entertainment On-The-Go with LG StanbyME Go

Dubai - November 2023 - When the world is moving at such a fast pace, why should entertainment remain limited indoors? That's where LG comes into your life with the innovative LG StanbyME Go. No need to pack up your board games, speakers, and a heavy storage case for all your screen every time you venture out. This is your ultimate all-in-one companion for endless streaming joy, no matter where life takes you.

Get used to a high-definition, portable outdoor screen

With the LG StanbyME Go, the world is your playground. This portable powerhouse breaks the chains of indoor entertainment and office with a 27" FHD Touchscreen and 3-hour built-in battery. With this anywhere-anytime screen, Work-From-Home is Work-From-Wherever, and entertainment is limitless.

This screen redefines how you enjoy and work no matter the weather or lighting conditions. Take control with intuitive gestures to adjust brightness, volume, and power.

True visual comfort, day or night.

Carry your screen conveniently in style and with the utmost safety

While life is filled with ups and downs, your entertainment experience should be smooth. That’s why your entertainment comes with security intact. The LG StanbyME Go comes built into a carry bag, making it easy to move around and convenient to store.

Your portable screen bag has also been rigorously tested, meeting US military-grade standards for durability. Plans for off-roading? Face the bumps and thumps without any device damage.

Enjoy the customizations as you want in your LG StanbyME Go

Don't like the screen skin? Make it more stylish with many skin options.

Need an emotional recharge? Choose a soothing clip to match your mood.

Feeling lazy? Command your portable screen to control volume.

Honestly, the wide array of screen uses will spoil you.

It allows you to shift the viewing angle between horizontal and vertical alignment while staying fixed to the carry stand. LG knows your love for gadgets. That's why you get a phone cradle right beside the screen stand.

The pro-entertainment gadget also takes the shape of a board game as commanded - No need to shuffle cards or set game pieces for entertainment now.

Binge-watch your favorites and get immersed in every scene

It's a headache to carry a portable speaker when you plan for outdoor entertainment. But, with Dolby Atmos in StanbyME Go, you will experience sound with the 3-way sound optimizer, no matter the screen angle. Combine this with Dolby Vision and an immersive audio-visual session is guaranteed.

What about the streaming options?

The gadget lets you download your favorites to stream later for interrupted entertainment.

Every time you go the extra mile, LG portable screen will be with you

If functionality, durability, style, and innovation come together, they'd stan LG Stanby ME Go. This gadget makes every moment an absolute delight no matter your location, or the reason behind using it.

Get this absolute outdoor entertainment essential from any of your leading retail stores. 

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