Dubai Private Schools to Skip Full Inspections Next Year

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 June 2024
Dubai Private Schools to Skip Full Inspections Next Year

Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced a halt to full inspections for private schools in the 2024-2025 academic calendar, following promising results from the latest evaluations. This decision affects all private schools except those completing their third year of operation.

The announcement follows the successful inspection outcomes for the 2023-2024 academic year, where 81% of students attended schools rated “good” or higher. Out of 209 schools inspected, 23 were rated “outstanding” and 48 were rated “very good.” These positive results have led KHDA to support schools in focusing on teaching and learning improvements without the pressure of full inspections.

Her Excellency Aisha Abdulla Miran, Director General of KHDA, stated, "The continuous improvement by the schools indicates their commitment to offering high-quality educational opportunities for students. Our schools rank among the world’s highest performing, reflecting Dubai’s competitiveness as a world-class destination for education."

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) will still conduct quality assurance visits throughout the year. Schools wishing to undergo a full inspection can request one, subject to KHDA’s review and approval.

2023-2024 Inspection Key Findings:

  • 209 schools inspected
  • 10 schools inspected for the first time
  • 81% of students attend schools rated “good” or higher
  • 23 schools rated “outstanding” (up from 20 last year)
  • 48 schools rated “very good” (up from 39 last year)
  • 85 schools rated “good” (up from 84 last year)
  • 51 schools rated “acceptable” (down from 55 last year)
  • 2 schools rated “weak” (up from 1 last year)

These results align with the goals set out in the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 and Dubai Social Agenda 33, further cementing Dubai’s reputation in global education standards.

For detailed inspection reports of every private school, visit web.khda.gov.ae.

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