UAE: School Bus Hitting Sidewalk Injures 5, Including 3 Students

  • Publish date: Thursday، 08 February 2024
UAE: School Bus Hitting Sidewalk Injures 5, Including 3 Students

In Sharjah on Thursday morning, a school bus accident resulted in three students and two supervisors sustaining minor injuries.

The Sharjah Police reported that the incident occurred when the bus made an abrupt turn, veered off course, and collided with the pavement. The injured individuals were promptly taken to a hospital for treatment, and reassurances were provided to parents by the police regarding the safety and health of the affected students.

Authorities emphasized the critical importance of cautious driving for school buses, urging adherence to traffic regulations. In the UAE, school buses must adhere to strict rules, with thorough investigations often conducted by authorities.

Last year, the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) installed cameras and safety devices in 2,000 buses, enabling parents to monitor their children's journeys. GPS devices were also integrated before the pandemic, facilitating tracking through the SPEA's control room and Emirates Transport's operations room.

Dubai's RTA revealed findings from 6,323 inspections between July and December 2023, uncovering cases of bus drivers operating without permits. RTA emphasized the prerequisites for obtaining a permit, including age criteria, good conduct, and a clean criminal record.

Drivers must undergo training, pass a set test, and provide traffic points and medical fitness certificates. Similar permits are required for taxi and limousine drivers. Additionally, school transport attendants or bus aides must obtain a permit from RTA, meeting specific criteria related to conduct, age, and health. These measures collectively aim to enhance safety standards and regulatory compliance within the school transportation system.