End-of-Year School Exams to Conclude Before Ramadan

  • Publish date: Friday، 23 February 2024
End-of-Year School Exams to Conclude Before Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, schools across the UAE are strategizing to accommodate the religious observance while ensuring minimal disruption to academic schedules.

Headteachers Prioritize Family Time Over Exams

Understanding the significance of Ramadan for Muslim families, headteachers are keen on minimizing the burden of assessments during this period. They aim to keep exams low-stakes, allowing students to focus on spending time with family and engaging in religious practices rather than intensive studying.

Consideration for Different Curricula

While most international curriculum schools will coincide their spring break with Ramadan, Indian curriculum schools are currently in internal and CBSE Board examinations. However, these institutions also plan to observe holidays in line with the religious observance.

End of Academic Year Break for CBSE Schools

March signifies the end of the academic year for CBSE schools, and instead of a spring break, they observe an 'End of Academic Year' break. Despite ongoing examinations, these schools will adjust schedules to ensure exams align with the shortened working hours typical of Ramadan.

School Principals’ Assurance to Students

Principals reassured that for schools conducting exams during Ramadan, arrangements will be made to hold examinations within the abbreviated working hours of the month. They emphasize the importance of accommodating students' religious practices and minimizing unnecessary stress during this significant period.

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