Updated COVID-19 Protocol for the New School Year 2022-2023

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 24 August 2022
Updated COVID-19 Protocol for the New School Year 2022-2023

Students aged 12 and over, and teaching and administrative staff and services providers, must provide a negative test result from a PCR test conducted within 96 hours on the first day of school, but without the need for regular testing according to the New School Year 2022-2023 updated COVID-19 safety protocol.

All students can attend classes regardless of their vaccination status, while university students who are unvaccinated for medical reasons and those with vaccination exemption can present the PCR tests required for the green pass system on the Al Hosn app to enter the university premises.

Wearing face masks is mandatory inside closed areas, and e-learning and remote work options for students and personnel who have contracted COVID-19 or those suffering from respiratory system symptoms is now allowed, he noted.

Checking the temperatures of students and employees is no longer necessary, provided that anyone with a high temperature does not attend classes, goes on sick leave, and gets tested to ensure that they do not have COVID-19. Social distancing inside facilities is also no longer mandatory but has been left to the discretion of each facility, including on buses

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