Emirati Women’s Day Gift Guide

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 August 2022
Emirati Women’s Day Gift Guide

We bring you a gift guide for Emirati Women’s Day to choose the perfect gift from several options such as the gift basket and delicious delicacies from Carpo and the Nashi range of hair, face and skin care products, or the luxurious chocolates from Made by Two or the most luxurious marine skin care products from Thalgo. 

  • Carpo Luxury Gift Basket

Emirati Women’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day with the world-famous Greek brand from the most prestigious streets of London, the carpo brand, which is famous for the excellence and diversity of its luxury products and seasonal delicacies, with a luxurious basket full of delicious products that is worthy of a gift for your loved ones on any occasion. Present the most beautiful and unique gifts that radiate elegance and charm.

Carpo carefully designs gift baskets to make it easy for its customers to give the most luxurious gifts to friends and family, they are filled with luxury products such as roasted and raw nuts such as macadamia nuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, premium honey, nut butter, pistachios and more. Customers can also choose from a wide assortment of seasonal dried fruits such as figs, papaya, strawberries, kiwis, ginger, orange peel covered in chocolate, truffle mushrooms covered in cocoa and much more in an elegant and beautiful basket.

Venue: carpo - Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall

Price: 1500-2500 AED

  • Made by Two . Luxury Chocolate Assortment

Emirati Women’s Day Gift Guide

Present the most special gift on Emirati Women's Day with a selection of hand-picked luxury chocolates from Made By Two - the local high-end luxury chocolate brand founded by Emirati entrepreneur Moza Alabbar, which includes a number of art and design-inspired types and delicious flavors inspired by her childhood memories. The collection features unique flavors and artistic designs to give everyone who tastes it an unforgettable experience with each piece.

The assortment is diverse to suit all tastes, customers can also arrange a luxurious selection from the Classic Collection, choosing from eight exquisite flavors and a number of sizes, where they can choose a set of 12 pieces at 425 AED or 24 pieces at 760 AED. They will also be able to add accents to the arrangements such as flowers or leather stripes for an elegant and personalized gift.

Location: Made by Two, Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall


Arrangement of 12 pieces at 425 AED

Arrangement of 24 pieces at 760 AED

  • Summer essentials from Nashi

Emirati Women’s Day Gift Guide

Whether it is daily moisturizing products, body scrubs or deep care products, Nashi hair and skin care products are an elegant way to express concern and appreciation for women on Emirati Women's Day. The Italian hair care brand offers professional products with 100% certified organic ingredients of argan oil and linseed oil for hair, body and face to ensure the hydration needed to face the summer heat. You need care and protection before and after hours in the sun – and we definitely have the solution!

Summer weather can seriously damage hair and skin and cause severe dryness, so make sure to use Nashi's essential products for complete body protection. You can choose between Nashi Argan Daily Body Cream or Nashi Argan Dry Oil to ensure that the skin is moisturized with a non-greasy texture and combats stretch marks. The Nashi Argan Body Scrub is the perfect choice for exfoliating and smoothing the skin and is made of salt and sugar crystals that remove roughness and impurities. The collection also includes Nashi Argan Hair Mist, a hair mist infused with warm tones of argan oil in every spray, giving it a fragrance that seduces the senses and protects it from external influences. These summer essentials are the perfect gift designed to deliver an unparalleled grooming experience with professional results.

For more information: https://www.nashiargan.it/en/homepage/ 

Summer Essentials and other products are available at salons near you.


Nashi Argan Daily Body Cream: Dhs90

Nashi Argan Dry Oil: 150 AED

Nashi Argan Body Scrub: AED 150

Nashi Argan Love Hair Mist: Dhs60

  • A classic gift from Thalgo

Emirati Women’s Day Gift Guide

Thalgo is famous for its luxurious skin care products and they made the perfect gift for all skin enthusiasts. The Exception Marine Facelift range is distinguished by its luxurious products that highlight facial lines and fill in fine lines and wrinkles. The range includes four products in environmentally sustainable packaging, Redensifying Cream, Redensifying Rich Cream, Intensive Redensifying Serum and Eyelid Lifting Cream.

The products of the group are carefully formulated with plant compounds that stimulate blood circulation by improving resistance, reducing capillary permeability, and removing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. The products are 100% free of solvents and contaminants to protect elastic tissues and cells from oxidants and enhance their vitality, contractility and ability to produce supportive tissues. It's the perfect gift to win the heart of a woman who cares about her skin!

Location: The nearest Madi branch to you.


Thalgo Anti Aging Exception Marine Redensifying Cream - Dhs660

Thalgo Anti Aging Exception Marine Redensifying Rich Cream - Dhs660

Thalgo Anti Aging Exception Marine Intensive Redensifying Serum - AED 375

Thalgo Anti Aging Exception Marine Eyelid lifting Cream - AED 435

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