Google Pays Tribute to Egyptian Actor Nour El Sherif

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 April 2021
Google Pays Tribute to Egytian Actor Nour El Sherif

Today’s Google Doodle honours Egyptian actor and director Nour El-Sherif celebrating what could have been his 75th birthday on April 28,

Created by Cairo artist Maged El Sokkary, the doodle appears in countries around the Mena region, including Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE.

More about Nour El-Sherif

An Egyptian actor, known for presenting many cinematic and television works as well as on the stage. He graduated in 1964 from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts and was the first in his class.

El-Sherif was cast in his first film, 1967’s Kasr El Shawk (The Palace of Desire) after catching the eye of Egyptian director Hassan Iman.

Google Pays Tribute to Egyptian Actor Nour El Sherif

El-Sherif was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alexandria International Film Festival in 2014 for all his work in the industry.

Among his most significant roles for almost five decades in the silver screen are the lead in 1982’s Hadduta Misriya (An Egyptian Story), 1991’s Nagui Al-Ali, in which he played a Palestinian cartoonist, and 2006’s Omaret Yakobean (The Yacoubian Building), one of Egypt’s highest budgeted films in history.

The late actor was also intro production with his debut in 2001 Al-Asheqari (The Lovers).

In 2015, El-Sherif died aged 69 after a long struggle with lung cancer.

Image Source: Google Doodle

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