Here's the 95-Year-Old Who Has Been Making Ropes Since He Was Five

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 September 2023
Here's the 95-Year-Old Who Has Been Making Ropes Since He Was Five

An Emirati 95-year-old Sulaiman Abdullah Mohammed Al Dwari has been making ropes from palm trees since he was five years old. 

His talent was recently featured at the Al Maleh and Fishing Festival at the Dibba Al Hisn Island by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Al Dwari said "What I do is not that great. But the current generation has not seen it, which is why they find it so fascinating."

Al Dwari was born in Dibba, Fujairah and over the years, he's gained experience in rope making, netting, fishing, and fish salting. 

Making ropes from palm trees is no easy feat, according to the Emirati. 

The first step involves selecting suitable palm fronds. 

The second step involves rimming and preparing the fronds in order to split them into narrow strands. 

These strands are then soaked in water and partially dried before they are gently twisted between the makers' palms and knees.

This process interweaves the fibres, which creates a strong and durable rope.

Not only does Al Dwari make these ropes for daily use, but he also makes intricate patterns and designs with the ropes, creating beautiful objects of art that reflect the cultural heritage of the UAE.

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