Here's What Farhan Akhtar Has to Say About His First Arena Concert

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 25 July 2023
Here's What Farhan Akhtar Has to Say About His First Arena Concert

Dubai's music fans will be in for something special in September. Big names from the Indian music industry such as Farhan Akhtar will perform at an extravagant Bollywood concert in the Emirates.

Two spectacular concerts will be held a few days apart by Blu Blood, the top lifestyle management business in Dubai.

On September 1st, Farhan Akhtar and his band will perform at the famous Coca-Cola Arena. After demonstrating his talent as an actor, singer, and director over the years, Farhan Akhtar has a number of successful songs and movies to his name.

“This is my first show at the Coca-Cola Arena and I am thrilled about it. The vibe in Dubai is simply unique and unlike anything else, I have experienced. Performing in this stunning city has to be one of my highlights this year. I can't wait to watch how Dubai embraces me and my music to bridge, connect, and unify at my forthcoming concert,” Farhan Akhtar said expressing his excitement for the concert.

The top four contestants from Season 13 of the singing reality show Indian Idol will perform in another concert at The Agenda on September 9th. The season's winner Rishi Singh and the other finalists Debosmita, Bidipta, and Chirag make up the singing group known as The Fantastic 4.

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