Miami Band to perform at Etihad Arena in September

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 June 2023
Miami Band to perform at Etihad Arena in September

The renowned Miami Band will take the stage at Etihad Arena on September 23rd.

Miami Band is a well-known name in the music industry and was founded by Tariq Qassem Muhammad, Khaled Abdul Jalil Al-Randi, Laila Muhammad, and Mishaal Saleh Laili.

The band chose the name "Miami" to express their collective attitude and passion after being moved by a beautiful handwritten sign that read "Miami" during a summer club season.

In 1991, Miami Band marked their official debut with the album "Sabouha," featuring the chart-topping hit single of the same name. They rose to prominence thanks to this song, which was well-known throughout the Arab world.

Their success only continued to soar as they delivered numerous memorable songs, including the unparalleled hit "Hamdellah ou Shefnakom," which found their way into the hearts and homes of listeners everywhere.

Other notable tracks such as "Sekkar Zyadah," "3ashou," and "Sheilouha Sheila" have solidified Miami Band's status as a beloved musical group cherished by both the young and old.

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