NCEMA Ready to Deal with Expected Low-Pressure System Next Week

  • Publish date: Saturday، 13 August 2022
NCEMA Ready  to Deal with Expected Low-Pressure System Next Week

(WAM) The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) in the UAE has emphasised preparedness of all concerned authorities,  and local police, to deal with the low-pressure system that the country is expected to be affected by the end of this week.

NCEMA said that all competent entities have taken safety measures and are ready to deal with this situation. The work continuity plans for all vital sectors are in place and will be activated after assessing the conditions in the affected areas by the field teams.

The authority will issue warnings before and during the low-pressure system through media and will announce adequate measures taken by the competent authorities, in addition to activating the early warning system by local police to guide the public and provide them necessary information to be followed.

It also called on the public to exercise caution, abide by safety requirements and instructions, and adhere to the competent authorities' instructions.

The joint assessment team called on the public not to circulate and spread rumors, and to refer to the official sources in the country to receive all the latest developments and information related to the low-pressure system and to follow the procedures approved by the concerned authorities.

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